Prof. Jessica Penner | OL05 | Fall 2020

Angelica Hernandez POV story

In the City of New York, people began to protest against police brutality. Taylor outraged organizes a protest at City hall. What Taylor wanted was to peacefully protest, but then was challenged by the police. Taylor was able to gather a total of 30 people. 20 minutes into the protest the group of see about 10  officers in helmets, shields, and saw that they carried batons. Taylor leading them she puts her hands up to show the officers that they are unarmed and mean no violence. She yells at the others saying “Hands up, Hands up!”. Taylor didn’t want to surrender too soon.  The others proceeded to put their hands up, Taylor then yells, “We mean no harm”. As she finishes her sentence she sees a can of tear gas land in front of her and sees smoke fly out. Taylor covers her eyes as fast as she can, but it was too late. She falls onto the concrete and hears everyone yell and curse at the officers. Although it burns Taylor’s eyes, she able to open them, her vision is blurred and filled with tears but she’s able to see the officers get closer. She gets on her knees with her arms up and surrendered to the officers. She hears the screams of the other protesters and sees that they are getting arrested, she puts her head down and waits for her turn.


  1. nickay82

    The way in which you describe the scene of protesters surrounded by police officers with their hands up, the story is about picture C.

  2. Angelica Salazar

    I would say that the way you described how the image was blurry as well as the description of the officer’s uniform, and him getting closer that the story was based on picture A

  3. Maria Mateo

    Based on your descriptions , I would say you described picture c. Because as you mentioned that there were a group of 10 officers , and in picture C I can see that there are a lot of officers and looked that they are getting close to a group of Protestants.

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