Prof. Jessica Penner | OL05 | Fall 2020

Amna Ahmed, POV Story

He didn’t deserve to die for something so insignificant. Not when white college boys continue to get away with rape for being “boys”. Not when men get away with rape because women dressed too “provocative”. Not when black men are shot killed for jogging at night. Not when men get thrown in jail for twenty plus years for possessing copious amounts of weed. All he did was try to pay for cigarettes with a fake twenty dollar bill. He did not deserve death for something as small as fake money. He did not deserve to die by the hands we entrusted to protect us. He did not deserve to die by the man kneeling on his neck whom we come to for protection. In his name we march on for justice.


  1. Kiara Wright

    The picture I believe you had was A because when you stated “man kneeling on his neck ” and looking at picture A it just shows a single cop.

  2. Jozelyn

    Hi Amna, I also believe the picture you wrote this short story for was for picture A. The story you shared relates to a recent event that is known as a tragedy. You mention a single cop who was kneeling on the man’s neck. Your story draws attention to a single man which is why I believe it is picture A.

  3. Leviza Murtazayeva

    Hey Amna, your story was very detailed, descriptive, and pretty straight forward, which is nice to read. By your description of mentioned single body, the cop I can guess that the picture that was described was Picture A.

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