Chapter 1 of “Truth & Beauty” by Ann Patchett is much like a story I can relate to. The way she describes Lucy, even though times were really hard for her when she was sick, and after receiving a multitude of surgeries, she did not stop being a happy and positive person. I can relate to it because I had a huge accident a few years ago and my friend Pedro, whom I wrote about already, was there when not a lot of people were. I always had trouble staying in school because of my accident, I always had headaches and loud noises always bothered me. Pedro always caught me up to date regarding homework and projects that had to be done, in the same way, Patchett did not deny helping Lucy when Lucy could not make the trip to find an apartment upstate. In regards to Lucy and the way Patchett saw her, I could clearly see why Lucy was always admired by the audience in their school. Lucy is very smart and talented when it comes to writing poems. Even Patchett described her talent as “She’s better than a very good college poet” and how lucy was always picked to give readings in coffee shops during parents weekend. I also enjoyed the fact that Patchett did not deny to help Lucy when she received the letter regarding the apartments in Lowa. She said that she even felt flattered to be asked for help by someone who she tried to make a conversation with and ignored her. I understand that Patchett was going to be alone if it wasn’t for Lucy moving in with her, but why help someone who ignored you in the presence of others? Did she do it just because it was beneficially in terms of being roommates and only having to pay 375 a month? In my opinion, I would have just done me, and if I can not afford to live at a certain place, then not move at all.