Back In middle school, I remember being in the lunchroom all alone waiting for my table to get called up to go get food. I also clearly remember seeing this guy all the way at the back just sitting there meanwhile everybody else was chatting and laughing. Once our table got called up, I ran up to the line since I was starving and they were giving chicken nuggets that day. I saw the same guy all the way at the end with a down face. I decided to let people skip me and I went all the way to the back of the line to say what’s up the Pedro, who is my best friend as of today. I remember him being really small and shy so I asked him what his name was and he told me it was Pedro and since then we have been really good friends. All throughout middle school, we hung out during and after school. Once we got to know each other more, he started coming over to my house to play zombies on my play station 3. We always had fun playing video games, we later started going out to the park to play soccer. We then went to high school together and our friendship grew even stronger. We always went out to play sports with our other friends, we continued playing video games all throughout high school as well and we still do to this day. I also recall when we both went and got our first fixie bikes together and we always crossed the Williamsburg bridge and rode around manhattan with no fear. Fast forwarding, We rode bikes for years and then I was put in the position of where I was going to become a father at the age of 18. At first, I was worried, not scared. I was worried because at that time I did not really have a stable job, but my brother Pedro and I found little demolition jobs around the area, we cleaned up the garbage and things like that. I then started to see that sooner or later I would need a car because of my son that was on the way and how my fixie bike wouldn’t be enough to get around. Pedro and I then started car searching, even if we did not have the money yet, He and I were going around. test driving cars left and right. Those were fun times. He and I worked together for a while and I was able to save up a couple of bands and we both went along with my father to purchase my first car. I bought a red ford focus SE 2012 with low miles which was a really good purchase. Since I bought that car my brother Pedro has always been there for me and so I used to lend it to him sometimes until I sold it. I sold it for something better since now I have a better good-paying job, but due to coronavirus things have been very hard for both my family and his family but yet, we still manage to hang out every once in a while and support each other. I am staying for some days at his house since he lives closer to my second-night job. I don’t consider him just a friend, I consider him family, my brother. because although sometimes we got into arguments we managed to come back together and clear things up and we still help each other overcome any obstacle that comes our way. For that reason, I consider him important to me because thanks to him I am also a better person, although he and I did bad things before such as partying and going out and doing certain illegal things when we were younger, we managed to stop and take another route, the route to success, making money and making our families proud.