This week I decided to go to a  popular Dominican  Restaurant located in the Bronx.   When I arrived the first thing I saw was a long line and many people desperate to sit down. Before the pandemic they were usually full and you had to wait almost like an hour to sit down. And now with the pandemic the waiting it’s longer than usual. I saw many people  were uncomfortable wearing the mask for so long . I  saw how the manager had an argument with a young couple who refused to use their  mask to go inside  to buy food for take out. When I was in the restaurant I felt a bit uncomfortable because seeing that we have to eat like in the middle of the sidewalk, it did not seem at all exciting and even having  to listen to the noises of the cars and the people who passed by . The smells that I could perceive were  the delicious dishes that were brought to our table, it  made my appetite open, and made the wait worthwhile. Also a not very good smell was a man who was behind me who had a  strong perfume that made me have a  headache.  The people behind me I heard that they commented about the incident of the manager with the  young couple who did not want to use a mask, they said that “many people do not want to respect the laws, and that people constantly  cause inconvenience to people who only do their job”, they also talked about their food and how good it was.