I remember we had this neighbor who lived right next to our door for long time. It was about 5 years ago, that she had her third child in the midlle of the summer . She used to stay home, and her husband used to be the only person working. Even if she was closer to my mom and talked to her here and there , we never knew what he used to do and barely saw him. He would come home once in 2-3 weeks and leave again. she used to be with children all day at home, not leave the house, send them to school while she was suffering from many complication of pregnancy. It was one of the summer nights, I was in my room watching a movie with my big head phones on. From somewhere in the backgoround , I heard screaming and banging. At first I didn’t pay attention , but the sounds just escalated and I heard a strong bang on my wall.

I paused the movie, took off my headphones, and listened carefully to what was going on and it was horrific. Insults thrown at the helpless women, threats of abandoning the family or kicking the poor woman out, and it didn’t stop at that, he then threatened to murder he, that’s when I interfered and had to call the cops while also refusing to tell them who I was because I was scared. As soon as I called the report of domestic violence I heard another bang on the wall. I immediately rushed to their to their door to maybe help buy the poor lady some time until the cops came but I was scared. I was scared a ruthless man who was beating up his pregnant wife would also cause some harm to me or find out that I was the one who called the cops