My experience with memoir writing was better than I anticipated. Writing is my least favorite thing to do. I normally get overwhelm with the idea of writing a story because I normally don’t know where to start, or how to tell the story without being too vague or going off topic by oversharing. However, I enjoyed writing memoirs because it was just me sharing my memories/ personal experience which did not require me to do any research or facts check.

While writing memoirs, I realized I was able to express myself freely and share my thoughts and feelings on a deeper level than what I would do if I was telling the story to a friend or family member. I also realized that unlike writing a story where you have to come up with new ideas to discuss, or try to create a character, writing memoirs are so much different because you already have the details in your memory to tell the story.

 When I wrote my first memoir piece on “Meet my Apple watch”, I realize then that I told the story to my friends about how I discovered the workout app but never shared how I felt in the moment and why I felt the way I did. It was after writing my memoir I realize that when you tell a story in a casual conversation, a lot of information gets left out such as your feelings and thoughts. Also, I was able to organize my thoughts easily without going off-topic or getting stuck along the way because it was just me writing about prior experience.

I would not say I like writhing now (it is still my least favorite thing to do), but I can say that after writing memoirs for the past few weeks and reading other people’s memoirs, the experience was a good one which is still surprising to me.