Looking back I have always had my own little circle, no matter which schools or environment I lived in. I can still remember the first time I started attending middle school in the US. I started as a 7th grader to comply with my age and my studies back home. I was excited and terrified at the same time because I didn’t know english to begin with. Another obstacle I had was that, it was really difficult for me to get around, in school and out because I wasn’t familiar with this environment. The school board had put me in a class with other English as a Second Language (ESL) learners . It’s for students to start learning english with the help of a professional ESL teacher. I had to find people who spoke the same language (Bangla) as me so we can speak and help each other get through with our days in school. I spent quite a lot of after school hours over the years in middle school to master english language. I was close to my ESL teacher because we’ve spent a lot of time together learning and teaching. It took me about 2 years to finally break my language barrier and be more comfortable speaking it. By the end of 8th grade I could speak pretty easily and talk to anybody I wanted to but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t nervous to do so. However I’ve met two of the best people in middle school, they ended up becoming my best friends and we still hang out and going about 6 years strong, I am really glad that I met Tanim and Siyam, my two best friends to this day and in the coming future.

I was still in my own little shell until I went to High School. I had to leave all my old friends in my middle school because they chose a different high school to go to. It was easy to meet new people and talk to during lunch hours and gym, so I had my own little circle in my first high school I went to as a freshmen. I loved my freshmen year, with new faces, new environment and new opportunities. The school was 7 minutes walking distance which is why I chose to go there first. Sadly after my first year in that high school I had to change to a better school for better education.

As I started attending a new school with a new shell full of nervousness and shyness because freshmen year is the year you meet new people and have your own circle you hang out with. Since I started as a sophomore in my new high school it was really hard for me to know new people and converse with. I left all of my old friends in Transit Tech to a school full of strangers that I have never seen or imagined of meeting. As the year proceeded I did meet people, like last time, in my lunch period. Then I started getting along with people from my different classes as the school years went by and I graduated with my own circle that I have met throughout the school years and some of us still chats and we hang out time to time. I enjoyed my gym, lunch periods and after school the most throughout my school life. I’m really grateful for my senior year, the year with a lot of fun memories with the people that I’ve befriended. I’ve lost touch with my freshmen year’s friends over the years but I’ll always appreciate them. By going through so many friends and schools it was easier for me to talk to people and make friends. Before it was hard for me to approach people but now it’s much easier.