As a person who enjoys reading and writing, the memoir assignment that we have had so far was interesting. Throughout the past three years at City Tech, I have mainly done research papers or argumentative essays. As much as I love these styles of writings, it can be a stressful process to present the best work. With that being said, it is nice and refreshing to do these written assignments in this Creative Writing course. Most writing intensive classes tell you to avoid writing in first person and to base your thoughts with evidence. These classes usually have a right and wrong aspect to it, which can make the writer overthink what they are writing or worry about what the reader will think/say. However, in this course its almost like free writing with the help of guiding questions and main topics. You can reflect on yourself, share your opinion and stories with others without feeling judged, and improve on your writing and story telling abilities based on people’s feedback. All of this opens my mind more and challenges by skill of writing even more. 

The past two memoirs that we have done brought back memories that I have not thought of in a while. The first assignment was to think about a friendship you may have had that means a lot to you. Although I had no doubt about the person I wanted to talk about, thinking about how we met and how our friendship has grown made me appreciate it even more. That memoir allowed me to reflect on the friendship I have, the ones I had, and the overall meaning of friendship. The most recent memoir about a time were you felt anonymous whether you chose it or not was one that hit home fore me. I have not thought about that moment in a while and I honestly had to go to my mom to help me remember a time because she knows everything about me. Once I started to write about my experience, it did become a bit tough. That topic and the situation I was in is sensitive to me, which I did not realize until I started writing. It was hard trying to stray away from ranting and keep my writing clear, precise and still impactful. Besides that, it was a writing experience where I was able to reflect and remind myself that were I’m headed is so much better than where I was years ago. I have to say, I do enjoy memoir writing because it is challenging in a refreshing way.