Prof. Jessica Penner | OL05 | Fall 2020

Adama Barro, formal critique on The First Day by: Edward P. Jones

Reviewer’s Name: Adama Barro

Title of Piece: The First Day   

Author’s Name: Edward P. Jones 

Voice & Style:

Edward P Jones words are so easy to understand, he makes you remember your first day at school with your parent very concern to let you go.

The author is so explicit of the event that you can see in your mind the setting of the waiting area , the papers on the floor and children and parents patiently waiting.


The first day of school of a 5 years old girl who’s mother is taking her to school but first went to the wrong school and the facing to fill out some paper work but unfortunately the mother didn’t know how to read or write.

Dialogue :

The little girl relating her first day of school with every details from getting ready to go to school , the conversation with her mother and what happen to her registration.

Point of view:

As an adult, i will be surprise to see a 5 years old child giving so many details of his or her first day at school.

I thing the mother would have a better explanation with more accurate facts.

What could make a church women slap a 5 years old child mouth ?

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  1. malik lee

    Hey Adama
    I found amazing how informative the child was like you said in your point of view section.At the age I don’t really think a child would be a that detailed.Also I had the same question run through my mind while reading .

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