Prof. Jessica Penner | OL05 | Fall 2020

Anonymous’ work Critique

What I enjoyed about this text was that I was able to read what women writer’s do and some of the things they go through depending on their personal life. In this specific story this writer wasn’t just only a writer she was a wife, a mother and a teacher. Its so impressive that women show their powers everyday and everything they can actually do. It truly takes a lot for someone to have all those roles in their life.

She was an author of 3 books, she sold around 20,000 or more copies and was very proud of herself. Not only her being a writer, her husband was also a writer but unfortently he wasnt as succuesful in writing as she was.

It was very interesting to read how a couple can have the same career paths but they both weren’t good at it. She was great at what she loved to do, she had a passion for writing and she never gave up on what she loved to do. From what I had read he may have had seemed passioniate about it but he need to improve his work his his actually wanted to make great sells.

Q: what drove him to say what he said, espeacially infront of his own daughter?

Q: What inspried her to trully fall in love with writing?

Q: Does she every wish that her husband would have choose a different path?

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  1. Leviza Murtazayeva

    Hey Isabel, I strongly agree that the Anonymous work included a lot of personal life situations. I like how you added the details about her being a wife, mother, a writer and a teacher, it adds to the text that the author had a lot of things to take care of. I agree that in fact she did loved what she did, and she was motivated at all times, even though some moments in her life have brought her down, she never gave up in her continuous roles.

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