Prof. Jessica Penner | OL05 | Fall 2020

Isabel Selmo, Journal 1

A friendship that is significant to me would have to be the friendship my best friend Jasmin and I have. We have been best friends since 6th grade in 2012. It has been one of my longest friendship. We met in During our morning elective class which was swimming, we didn’t really talk much, but because we had some classes together we became closer and started to hangout. I wasn’t much of a social person in school, I was one of those kids that just wanted to get the day over with and leave school. But that all changed when I met her, we would always meet up in the morning so that we could walk in to school together and make it to swimming in time. She was one of my first few friends in school. Our friendship means a lot to me, we have always been there for each other. if either of us were having issues we knew that we could talk to on another without having to be judge or not being taken serious of.

I could definitely say that we have had many ups and downs. there’s times that we get on each others nerves a lot but we knew that our friendship meant more than any petty argument we could have. She means a lot to me because we’ve had a friendship for about 9 years now and I know that I can still count on her no matter what kind of situation I’m in and I’m glad that I found a friend like that.

I usually had many many people that would come and go in my life. or they would be petty and always get mad ridiculous things. But she was someone that stuck and she’s been here since day 1 and I’m glad I get to call her my best friend. We do get jealous of each others outside friends because sometime were closer to them but we know that either of us are irreplaceable.


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  1. nickay82

    Hello Isabel

    Its good that you have a friend like Jasmin in your life that is always there for you. Having a friend for 9 years is amazing and takes a lot of workand understanding . I also can relate to you being jelious of jasmin outside friends because I too get like that whenever my bestfrien start hanging out with new people. All the best to you and Jasmin and I hope you guys remain friend for a lifetime to come.

    Question: I know you and Jasmin meet each other in the 6th grade, did you guys attend the same high school or college?

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