First, some business:

If you haven’t done all your writing assignments for this class, please complete them NOW. Because of the adjustments and troubles with online learning, I’m giving everyone a chance to do any assignments they haven’t completed by Sunday, September 6, at 11:59 PM. After this time, I will be strict with deadlines!

Okay, so on with Week 3’s topic!

Hopefully by the end of Friday, you’ll have received all your Cohort’s feedback (and you’ve sent your feedback to your Cohort). When one gets a lot of feedback at once, there can be a feeling of helplessness. You may find yourself saying:

So, now what?

All students who’ve taken a creative writing class

First, take a little step back from it and work on something else. Work on the reading assignments for Week 3, or look ahead in the course schedule for this class and work on a journal exercise. Write the second memoir piece (yes, we’re going to do it again). Work on other homework for other classes. Anything that lets the work sit for a little bit.

Second, review any questions/suggestions with an open mind. What seems helpful and what not? Work on the stuff you agree with first, then return to the other stuff after that. If it’s still unhelpful, maybe talk to someone (perhaps your professor) and see what they say.

Third, try out the advice that you don’t agree with, and just see if it does anything. If it does, great! If not, put it aside. Writing is very subjective. Some suggestions work—some don’t.

Go ahead and look at the assignment for next week. If you have questions, visit me in Zoom!