As of right now, I own a Red Camo Playstation 4 controller & I would say it’s one of the best controllers I have ever owned. I clearly remember buying it right before quarantine because I had broken my other one. I also remember going to the store and looking for a blue controller because blue is one of my favorite colors, but sadly there were no blue controllers left. I asked the person that was working there at that time and he told me that they only had one controller left. It turned out to be the red camo controller and I don’t regret getting it one bit. Up to this date I have owned over 7 controllers and that is because I sometimes rage in video games and somehow the controller ends up on the other side of the room. Some of you may know what I am talking about. On the other hand, I have been trying to take really good care of this red camo controller because It has made me win money in video games, but also because it was my companion all throughout quarantine and it was pretty rough at times. At the moment most of my gaming setup is red, my gaming chair is red, my two monitors have red LED light and so does my desk and my gaming headsets are also red. I spent ¾ of my day playing video games during quarantine but I was called in early to work since I was known as an essential worker and now I only play video games 2-3 days a week or whenever possible. This controller means a lot to me and I’m really happy I chose red. Although I was planning on getting a scuf controller at first, which is like a modified controller with extra gadgets and other fun stuff, I couldn’t afford it at that time. A scuf controller, the one I wanted was going to cost me over 200$ but luckily I found this red camo controller which cost me 65 dollars and I couldn’t be happier. I hope this controller can last me months from now but even if it was to break, this controller will always be my favorite.