A friendship that has been significant to me is the friendship I developed through the years with my wife, Kathy. As I got older, I realized that friends can be a waste of time as for in my experience I was betrayed and often times my “friends” would not be there when I most needed them. I consider my wife and my family as my friends. Although I have many acquaintances, I do not consider them as friends, as it is just small talk between us. I met Kathy over 6 years ago, working in the same location. She would work at the office while I was out in the field. We began interacting with small talks, then several months later we built a friendship. Our relationship is important because Kathy understands my line of work and supports my ambitions of what I want to achieve in life. She understands how it is to work every holiday, all different shifts and working long hours between 12 to 16 hours a day at times. She even understands when I am not able to come home due to working multiple shifts. We both understand how hard it can get at times, but we are able to overcome those obstacles. Also, when it comes to further advancing in my career, I have my wife full support. When I was studying for my promotional exam, Kathy understood the need for me to bring my study materials everywhere we went even on vacation. During our free time we do have a great time spending it together. Before the Covid-19, we would travel few times a year and enjoy nature and other mutual interests. We like to explore different types of food around the city from other cultures. Also, we like to tour around different states to get away from the fast pace city life. In retrospect, it is important to develop a healthy friendship, one that consists of support, growth, in which both learn from one another, and mutual interest and respect.