Prof. Jessica Penner | OL05 | Fall 2020

Kiara Wright Journal 1

My mom sent me to MS.61 for middle school because my sister worked there as a science teacher. To be fully honest when i first got there i knew absolutely no one. I don’t remember how I made most of the friends that i got from there. But what i know for sure is that I out of all the friends that i made there only one stood out the most. I don’t remember how we first met per say i just remember that we had classes together. When it got to senior year i remember that we talked everyday even during class. There would be times during class where i would sneak out my brothers mp3 player and give my friend Arianna one ear and i had the other and we would just listen to Adam Lambert “If I Had You” and some anime openings from Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood and D Gray man openings. Surprisingly we never got caught. The school had an event for seniors only and it was twin day, Me and Arianna decided to dress up as twins for that day. we went shopping to pick out the perfect outfit. We wore a pink shirt and a mini blue blazer with black jeans and sneakers. The second we got to school it was hard for people to tell us apart because we did the same hair style which was a ponytail and we both wore glasses and we are near the same height. Before we graduated from middle school we promised each other that we would talk to each other everyday and that we would get an apartment together i the future. After we graduated we attended different high schools and it was hard to keep contact because i did own a phone nor had a social media. We basically lost contact for four years. My last semester as a junior was when i made a Facebook account and i tried to add as many people that i remember from middle school as i could but out of all of them i could not find Arianna’s page. In the summer of 2017 was when i finally found her facebook page by looking through one of my friends , friend list and we started talking again finally after so long. We planed a day for her to come to my house. As soon as i opened the door and our eye’s met, we started to cry because its been so long since we seen each other and we were basically reunited. Ever since then we been talking almost everyday and we had been going to anime conventions together. i consider to be my twin because we do sorta look a like, well my mom sure thought so when she saw a class picture and thought she was me, and she is my best friend. when we really need to talk to each other about something no matter what it is we can talk to each other.

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  1. Adama Barro

    Hello Kiara how are you? happy to have you as a classmate .
    I enjoy reading your memoir, your tween sister Ariana and you are a great example of friendship, no matter what distance life put between the two of you, destiny manage to reunite you,it’s so nice to hear about reel friendship.
    I wish you will stay friends and your future children will call each other cousins.
    My question for you, Ariana ever look for you during all this time?

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