Prof. Jessica Penner | OL05 | Fall 2020

Kiara Wright Week 2 “Truth & Beauty”

After reading chapter 1 of “Truth & Beauty” by Ann Patchett I felt really immersed in the story. Like in the beginning she talked about Tennessee and how it felt being there. I felt like I was there and i felt like i could feel the heat. She mainly expressed how her friendship was in this chapter. The way Ann explains friendship between her and Lucy was a little weird but at the same time not because the way she would talk about Lucy it would sound like they had been friends for years but in reality Lucy didn’t know who Ann was. With in college everyone including Ann knew stuff about Lucy that close friends would learn about someone after being friends with someone for a long time.


  1. nickay82

    Hello KIARA

    I too enjoy how descriptive the author was. Like you said, her description on places and things were so detailed it was like you were experiencing it for your self. It was a twisted story of friendship but a good story overall.

  2. Diana Rivera

    I 100% agree with how weird it was for Ann to be describing Lucy when in reality they weren’t really close at all. And when you start to think about it Lucy probably didn’t know Ann as much when they ended up moving in together. Also, I agree with how the way that she wrote her story made me feel as if I was in her shoes being Ann and going through everything myself.

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