Prof. Jessica Penner | OL05 | Fall 2020

Jozelyn Santos, Truth & Beauty

Chapter one of “Truth & Beauty,” was an enjoyable read that held a story unlike any other I have read before. For starters, I admire the authors description of Lucy appearance and even the friendship they had. I was able to create an image in my head as well as ask myself “What is a true friendship?” For me, this story tackles the idea of what a true friendship may be. In the beginning, Lucy and the author never had successful interactions with each other before the move to Iowa. Given that, I did find it a bit strange that once they moved in together, Lucy’s actions made it appear as if they have been friends for years. If I was Ann Patchett, I would not have embraced Lucy’s sudden love for me as much as the author did. Questions that ran through my mind after reading chapter one is, was there an unspoken friendship between the two all along? Maybe the fact that Patchett did not really give Lucy as much direct attention compared to other students, was something that Lucy liked. Even though the two never spoke before becoming roommates, Patchett felt comfortable enough to live with Lucy and honored to interact with her. Yet, I am still unsure as to why.


  1. nickay82

    Hello JOZELYN

    I understand and get why it would be questionable as to why lucy went from not talking to Ann back in school, to now acting as if they where best friends to the point of living together. But what I believe is that lucy was a shy person and although Ann tried to form a friendship back in school with her, I think she was not at a place where she could form a friendship and was in her own little bubble. Maybe when Patchett made those attempt to tall to her back in school she actually valued it more than the displayed, hence why it was so easy for her to claim her as a best friend once they start living together.

    Based on how the author described lucy once she moves to college, it seems like lucy had matured and was not that shy person who walked with her hed down anymore. She seems more in control of herself and was not intimidated or afraid to be around people.

  2. Mohammed Hashim

    Hi Jozelyn, interesting critique. I liked how you said that you wouldn’t embrace Lucy’s friendship if you were to be Pattchet. Honestly I wouldn’t either because it’s a bit too unusual for Lucy to act the way she did when Pattchet moved in with her. I’d see it as fake friendship and may even feel used.

  3. Chynaworrell

    Hi Jozelyn, I agree with what you said being able to create an image of Lucy. From the start of the story, Patchett did a great job at describing the situations and people down to every little detail.

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