While reading the first chapter of Ann Patchett’s” Truth and Beauty,” I came across many unique writing skills that the authors used to explain her story. The beginning of the story and end fluctuated smoothly between different timelines of the narrator’s life, which I found really interesting and distinctive from other authors i have came across before this piece. The story starts of with a clear description of the character’s life and situations, where a reader can implement a clear picture of how the characters life and adapt to their life situations. The main character Ann, worked hard to catch attention of her classmates’ Lucy, who was a friend of many people. But really, we later figure out that Lucy never really had loyalty between her friends, therefore she was indeed alone most of the time with her thoughts. As Ann proceeds to learn about that from her observation of Lucy, she is willingly decides to befriend her so that she never feels that type of way. Lucy was a character that experienced a lot on her own, for example overcoming many visits as the hospitals for her illness and conquering cancer. It made me believe that was the story behind the rude attitude towards Ann. But Ann stayed after all. This made me happy and enjoy the reading even more.

The only question would be is why would Ann decide to go though everything like this and just not get another friend, but sticks to Lucy?