Prof. Jessica Penner | OL05 | Fall 2020

Chapter One Response

Patchett’s work is very descriptive and informative, she initially starts off the chapter with the time and place, and then to her moving to a different state. I like how she talks about her reasoning and her history with Iowa City. Her move to Iowa smoothly transitions to her talking about Lucy, who is going to be her roommate and is a close friend of hers. She tells the reader every little detail about Lucy, their first encounter, to the time they had their first conversation. I think Patchett’s work is interesting because she adds personal details about Lucy’s life such as her tough childhood. She also informs the reader about a sexual relationship Lucy had in Iowa and what Lucy learned from that short term relationship. Although she was very open with Lucy’s struggles and encounters, Patchett shares some of her own struggles and shares that although it might have seemed that her and Lucy and similar struggles, they are very different. A question I have for Parchett is, was Lucy open to her sharing her experiences? 

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  1. Diana Rivera

    I didn’t really catch the smooth transition between Iowa City and Lucy, made me go back to read it, now I see what you meant about how smooth the transition actually was. I also agree with the equal amount of struggles between her and Lucy being shared by Patchett. It was very nice to show how they both had their own issues to connect that they’re both human despite their separate up brings.

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