Prof. Jessica Penner | OL05 | Fall 2020

Kiara Wright “Meet My Sketchbook”

when I was kid I would always watch my sister draw. She is really good at it. There was a time when I asked her if she could teach me how to draw simple things like a face and body. It wasn’t realistic type drawing, it was more cartoonic. Over the years i started to practice drawing but on loose-leaf paper. One day I was on the bus heading home from school and a old lady saw me drawing and she suggested to me that I get a sketchbook because when I draw on loose leaf that the line is just going through the images that i draw. So when I got home I told my mom that I wanted a sketchbook. A few days later my mom got me a sketch. With that sketchbook I felt like I could escape the real world when things get upsetting and just draw. The stuff that I would is Japanese stye cartoon drawings which called anime. I taught myself how to draw realistic and anime style drawing.


  1. Mohammed Hashim

    I enjoyed your story on drawing solely because my younger sister can draw as well. She also paints really well. I admire artists that can draw because I can’t do it myself. Good luck and have fun drawing the best you can!

  2. Angelica Salazar

    I enjoyed reading about how you came to draw anime and different drawings. I think the drawing is amazing and you have artistic skills. Before you got your sketch book did you have a place where you would put your drawings? Do you have any drawings that you favor over the others?

  3. Angelica Hernandez

    I really enjoyed this story I personally relate to youre story, I was once a big drawer but I recently started to get back on it since Ive been watching anime. I like how your sister influenced you, and from there you’ve been practicing. Its great that you use drawing as a way to relive stress or anything negative that comes across you. Whats something that you find hard to draw? (Your drawing is amazing by the way.)

  4. Robert Rampersaud

    A little advice about getting a sketchbook actually help you appreciate your drawing even more I see. Looking at the drawing below looks like it was done on the computer. It is very detailed. I also do agree when you find something you enjoy it becomes relaxing, and you do forget about everything else. How long did it take you to draw the dragon?

  5. Saja Musa

    Kiara, I enjoyed reading your story. I believe that everyone has a special talent that helps them escape the stresses of this world. Yours happens to be an artistic talent. I find individuals who can use their talents to escape to a world with no troubles, very unique. Not many individuals have the ability to take a hobby or a talent and use it as a means to cope with stress. You are very lucky to have possessed a special gift that allows you to detox and clear your mind. One question I have for you is, are you considering pursuing a career in art?

  6. Chynaworrell

    I love the backstory you gave about the old lady on the bus. I really enjoyed drawing when I was younger. What is your favorite thing to draw?

  7. Leviza Murtazayeva

    Hey Kiara, I enjoyed reading your descriptive story on how you started to draw, as well as having others helping out so that you can appreciate the art of yours, more. It is really to have those around that can support your work and push you to unlimited possibilities. From what I can see your art is very mature and advanced and it is something I would see in a video game or a good anime show. How many of these sketchbooks do you own now?

  8. Dylan

    The ability to translate images from your mind to the material world is something that absolutely blows my mind. I have so much respect and admiration for the amount of work you put in. Being able to escape into your own world and to be able to show it to others is pretty amazing. Also, I love anime. Ufotable’s work on the Fate series is breathtaking, along with Wit Studios’ work on Attack on Titan. What anime do you like to watch?

  9. Jozelyn

    I can relate to your love of drawing since I used to own so many sketchbooks for my fashion designs. I like how you associate your action of drawing to escaping the real world, almost offering you a sense of peace in your own bubble. Based on the picture you showed, do you like to finish your drawings with marker, color pencils, pastels or anything else?

  10. Bryan.carabajo

    I loved your story, one because I used to draw really well my self. I used to draw exotic cars, people. and anime. Two because of the drawing you used on this homework. Dragon ball z was and forever will be my favorite anime and I could really tell you’re amazing at drawing and suggest you continue drawing. The way you drew Shenron is amazing and I could really see the talent you have. The proportions are there, the color waves are there. I would love to see you draw Goku, or Trunks, or Piccolo. I had a drawing of piccolo but I don’t remember where I placed it. Amazing job over all, keep it up!

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