Prof. Jessica Penner | OL05 | Fall 2020

Angelica Salazar- Meet My iPhone

I currently have the iPhone 11, which I’ve only had for two months. I bought it for myself a week before my birthday. I had always planned on buying myself the iPhone 11, the only reason was because of the color. Aside from the many newer features the phone came with, Apple came out with a variety of colors for the iPhone 11, and Lavender was by far my favorite. Lavender has always been my favorite color, not only the color but the plant and the smell it has. So, with all those factors weighed in I had made my decision to buy the Lavender colored phone.

My only issue was that I didn’t necessarily need to buy a new phone. I previously had the iPhone 8 which I had received as a gift from my mother in 2018. The phone itself has some scratches and some cracks but it still functioned properly. Unfortunately, one afternoon while playing volleyball the phone fell out of my pocket. As I went to pick up my phone I saw that both the screen and back of the phone was cracked, I was upset because at the time I didn’t have a phone case and if I had possibly had one my phone wouldn’t have broken . For those of you who have iPhone’s you know that the iPhone 8 has a glass back(as do the most recent iPhone’s), and can be expensive to fix. After looking at my broken phone and debating whether it was worth fixing or not I decided that this accident was the perfect excuse to buy the iPhone 11. I was exited that a only couple days after I had purchased my phone online I received via delivery. I am currently in love with this phone partially because of the new features such as portrait mode for the front camera(and other features that I am still exploring) but mainly because I finally bought myself something that I had been waiting to get and most importantly its in my favorite color.


  1. Luzmery

    I like how you state all the reasons for which you wanted to get the iPhone 11. I agree, with you, Lavender is a great color and the smell is delicious, it helps me relax. I’m glad you were able to please yourself with something you really wanted. If the iPhone 11 wasn’t in Lavender, would you have bought it or fixed the iPhone 8?

  2. Parikshit Thapa

    Hello Angelica,
    Hello Saja,
    I really liked how you told your story about how you upgraded from iPhone 8 to iPhone 11. I feel like having a phone is a must. Smartphones have really helped to call our family and friends, to be updated with news all around the world, to listen to music, watch movies, being updated with social media, etc. We are indeed really dependent on our iPhone for our day to day life. Even I bought my first MacBook with the money I saved and I feel like I could relate to how you feel about your iPhone. Even though we really like the products that we bought, the advancement in technology makes us get an upgraded product no matter what. If it wasn’t for your favorite color, would you upgrade to iPhone 11?

  3. Jozelyn

    I love that you had bought yourself something that was worth having and that made you happy. It is almost like treating yourself on a cheat day when on a diet. I also like that your decision to buy the phone was not to follow the hype of Apple releasing a new phone but as a necessity. My question for you is, once you received your new phone, did you buy a case as well? 🙂

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