Prof. Jessica Penner | OL05 | Fall 2020

Malik Lee,Meet My Yeezys

As a big music fan I tend to support my favorite artist in any way I can. Once I heard of rapper Kanye West signed a contract to sports brand Adidas I become ecstatic because I was a huge fan of Adidas from their clothes to their comfortable footwear.I became very curious to know what type of products they were going to release since I’m a big sneaker head but was obsessed with Kanye West and the love I had for the Adidas brand.Around 2017 Adidas dropped a total of 9 sneakers with west I stumbled upon a pure white pair sneakers which made me fall instantly in love. Since missing the release on the Adidas website I began searching other ways where I can buy the sneakers and introduced to a reselling website that had them and also check the authenticity of the sneaker as well.Working double and triple shift at work, making it my mission to be able to purchase the sneakers .once they came i was mesmerized by how nice and perfect they looked.These sneakers became my go to pair being very easy to dress down and casual in them. Since buying them I current own 4 different Pairs of yeezy sneakers and cherish them dearly.


  1. Angelica Hernandez

    Hi, its great how you worked really hard to purchase those sneakers, it must have been such an accomplishment to finally get your hands on a pair. I know that when they were first released it was really chaotic since alot of people were trying to get themselves a pair. I think its great how your supporting oyur favorite atrist, I myself also purchase products that my favorite artists create. Is their any Yeezy drop that you have disliked?

  2. Leviza Murtazayeva

    Hey Malik, I enjoyed to read your short story and learn more about you and how you are as a person. You seem to be a person that can relate to me a lot. Since I do like to work hard for something so that I can be satisfied when I finally get them.
    Would there be anything else that you would want with the same passion?

  3. Kael Krummenauer

    Congratulations! I loved your story and especially the part where you said you worked triple shifts at works since it shows your determination and pure focus to buy those yeezys. Owning these more expensive shoes do you get anxious about them getting dirty?

  4. Parikshit Thapa

    Hello Malik,
    I really liked how you supported your favorite rapper Kanye. It was really interesting to know how you worked multiple shifts at work in order to buy those Yeezys. If you were lucky enough you probably got it for retail but if you bought it from a third party, I guess they charged you a lot. Before, Adidas only distributed a limited number of shoes, and I think they were unique and a class. But now they have a large volume of Yeezys and the uniqueness of these shoes has dropped. You can literally see everyone wearing Yeezys. Other than Yeezys what expensive shoes have you bought?

  5. nickay82

    Hello Malik

    I am impressed at how you supported your favorite artist. I too like the Yeezy but cant seems to win any of the raffles on release day. I know there are online stores I could order from but I dont trust online store especially with so many fake yeezys on the market. Hopefully, i build up the courage and fine a credible source I could order from because I really like them. Would you still buy them if they werent made by Kanye ?

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