1.Cancel Culture: Cancel culture is something that mainly spread with the growth of the internet and is inherently extremely toxic behavior. This isn’t to say that sometimes it isn’t warranted because sometimes it does good and drive horrible people away but the toxic part about it is that it’s mostly malicious and is used to damage someone’s reputation just because they don’t like the person nor agree with them. This can lead to the ruining of people’s livelihoods just because someone doesn’t like that person and this makes the current generation rather scary because you upset the wrong person and they can get you fired, kicked out of school, etc.

2.The student loan system is atrocious. They loan an absurd amount of money to a group of people who cannot pay it back. What makes no sense about the student loan system is that this is the only loaning system that would even allow you to extract a huge sum of money without a financial background check to ensure you pay it back. They give students the money and more often than not this leaves the students in a financial crisis where they are struggling to pay off this unreasonable debt for years which affects the course of their life and makes them hold off their actual goals till later in life.

3.Healthcare should be free in America. How come a country that is supposedly a superpower and financially well off doesn’t even have basic needs covered. Obviously with free Healthcare comes more taxes and more wealthy people are bound to outrage but the taxes we do pay that are used for public transport and highways seem to not be used for anything anyway seeing as public transport is worse than in Europe and Asia. So if we have to pay taxes anyway at least let it be for something useful and noticeable.