Student loan forgiveness is an important topic for many students. In certain situations, federal student loans can be forgiven, discharged, or canceled. In this case, the former student is no longer required to repay his loan. I totally support this idea because I believe that for every student the dept is a burden, especially at the beginning of his career. After graduation, it is very hard to pay your bills and loan at the same time. Many people struggle to pay their living expenses because everything today is so expensive. It is important to remember that everyone’s situation is different therefore they can qualify for a different amount of forgiveness. People who are in favor of student loan forgiveness believe it is very hard for young people after graduation to pay their debt and they struggle with their bills. Loan forgiveness would give them the opportunity to have a better life and concentrate on their career. For example, Joe Biden believes the debt is a lifelong burden that deprives young people of their opportunity to succeed. However, there are people who are against loan forgiveness because they believe it is unfair to other students that paid their loans. Additionally, they believe it will negatively impact the economy.

In my opinion, student loan forgiveness will give young people the possibility to concentrate on their careers, built a family, and have a happy life. I found this as a necessary step to help young students in the beginning of their careers and new life.

Working from the home debate is a widely discussed topic after the pandemic. During COVID many people had to adopt a new style of remote working because of shut down. People got used to working at home instead of going to the office. To me, the productivity of working remotely depends on particular work. For example, people who work in the IT field don’t need to come to the office because they can do the same thing at home. On the contrary, people in the medical field perform their work in person better than remotely. I support the opinion that more work is accomplished in the office accompanied by the interaction of their colleagues. At home, many people are relaxed, and they wear pajamas which diminishes their productivity. Additionally, some have kids that distract them from work. On the other hand, many employees prefer to continue to work from home because they believe at home their work is better. In the article by Marks ” Is the Work from Home Debate Already Over?” we can find that some reports states that work productivity increased remotely. Other states that people who work full time are less productive at home. It depends on the field and what work do a particular person.

Free Health Care in the United States of America is an extremely important topic for many citizens. Many people are afraid to visit a doctor even if they feel sick due to the high cost of procedures. They prefer to avoid medical services and feel pain instead of paying a high amount of money for drugs. Free Health Care would give people feel safe and end the suffering of many diseases. It would lead to improvement in public health and guarantee all people health care coverage. In the article “The Free Healthcare Debate” we can find information in support of free health care and that it should not be denied to anyone because it is a right to life. Free Health care would lead to tax raises and impact the economy. However, the fact that our society would be healthy and have affordable medical services overcame all disadvantages.


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