I found it easier to express my thoughts through a letter vs writing a traditional academic essay because I got be more freely spoken in my letter I got to speak my mind and really got to speak to my audience my audience about this issue. I’ll say Wollstonecraft help guide me to creating my piece by giving me the voice to speak about a topic that’s been hushed or really never got the time of day to get discussed. Something that surprised me during my research was not knowing was almost a year later, with no end in sight for virtual learning, millions of students still lack reliably fast internet or a working computer – the basic tools to participate in live lessons from home.  The digital divide is complicated to solve. The cost of broadband is out of reach for many families. High-speed internet lines are scarce in rural areas. And there’s little good and consistent data on the extent of internet connectivity – something the federal government could have taken the lead on years ago, but didn’t.