As the semester comes to an end , what I learned about myself as a writer and an English student this semester was to be confident in my work and my writing and to be descriptive. English was always my favorite subject in school but I always hated my classes. We always read 20-30 pages each day for homework from boring books and did chapter quizzes and watched the movie right after we finished the book to compare. But we never got the chance to do fun writing assignments about us and how we feel about certain things, my classes were just too common core. But when I did get a fun writing assignment I always felt so timid and discouraged to broadcast my work to my classmates or even my teacher. I always used to get 2s and 3s on writing assignments and I always got told to be more descriptive and explain my reasoning even though I thought I did a good job in my writing piece, I guess it wasn’t enough.

The way I approach writing assignments now compared to back then,  I used to look at them with confusion and out of boredom, the writing prompts weren’t eye-catching enough for me to be eager to start my writing piece. Now that I had a better English class the workload became easier, more exciting, and more direct. As i continue my college journey all the important and different skills from all my english courses i’ll get to take with me to my other classes next semester and utilize the tricks and tips i learned and use it towards any reading/writing workload.