During the screening the camera would pan across the audience and what struck out to me the most was not only the diversity in the crowd but rather how young the crowd was. Normally one would expect an older audience for an Ancient Greek tragedy but it was refreshing to see people in the same age bracket as myself. I think it was important for the producers of Antigone in Ferguson to target such an untapped audience group because it brings a new lens to the overarching social justice issue. This desire to be heard by a younger audience was echoed with the change of vernacular in the script to that of more contemporary spoken language. I think it was also very bold of them to include people from the police force even when it was clear that the role of policemen run parallel with that of the play’s antagonists. Nonetheless it brought a new perspective to view the issue from and gave way to a more deep discussion afterwards. As for myself I find that the play didn’t really change my own view of the issue but more so emphasized what I had originally felt and thought on the matter. I think injustice towards Black Americans is a huge problem in our country and it is unfortunate that we find ourselves at a point of contention between what is morally just and what our reality really is.