For this writing assignment, I feel as if choosing a letter over a speech would not get my point across. I want to get my message through and to do that, I feel as if a speech is more appropriate. A letter can get a point across if you are directing your message to one person or even a handful of people, but my message is not just for a couple of people, it is for our society as a collective. Society feels as if people working fast food jobs are lower than them, are emotionless and are basically not human. People think that just because they work for a fast food chain, they have the authority to make a scene, scream at them, pick a fight with them, and want to get physical with them, meanwhile they are just trying to do their job. I feel as if we need to change and do better, treat everyone with respect, no matter their occupation and a speech would more likely get that across. I would start off my speech by introducing myself, giving some information about myself, including where I work and some of the things I do at work. After the introduction, I would ease into speaking about the difficulties of working at a fast food job, the customers, the workload, the little time you have to complete a task. I would add details about other workers, not just myself, from research that I will do, including newspaper articles and add that as well. I feel as if for this speech, you should also add how much a fast food location can make in a day, compared to how much you are paid for reinforcement. I want to give examples so that they could visualize just how difficult it is to work in a fast paced environment. I would end of my speech by emphasizing how employees deserve a better pay and deserve to be treated like humans.