Reading the play I realized Antigone is a very loyal person. She’s loyal to her sibling and belief in giving her brother, although an viewed as an enemy, a proper burial. She is also stubborn, headstrong and a little reckless. While her anger is understandable she still should’ve realized the ramifications for her actions and what it may do to her living siblings. Her sister in turn is the opposite she may be described as logical, realistic and obedient. Her actions may seem cowardly to some I think she’s looking at the bigger picture. She realizes her sister is putting not only herself but others endanger with her actions. For me when I think of Antigone I think of the actress Saoirse Ronan and Florence Pugh for Iseme. 

After reading the play and learning how Creon thinks I believe the social media platform he would use is twitter. While all social media’s can be used to further one’s ideology twitter threads almost always blow up and make it on other platforms. He seems to be very stubborn and headstrong in the way he thinks. Even when he talks to Antigone after she is caught is very condescending. I notice many people who believe their belief is the right way have an easier time communicating said beliefs on twitter and can go on tangents since the platform is made for putting down and sharing thoughts.