For Antigone, I thought she was strong, righteous, rebellious, defiant, brave and selfless. I would cast Jack Black for the role of Antigone because I think it’d be funny to see a comedy character actor of his caliber act in a dramatic role. For Ismene, thought she was obedient, fearful, exasperated, logical, and loving. For her I would cast Seth Rogen for the same reason I’d cast Jack Black as Antigone. Both actors are primarily known for their comedic roles and it would be hilarious and interesting to see how they bring dramatic characters of the opposite sex to life. 

If Creon was alive in the modern day, I believe he’d be a user of Reddit or Twitter. Those sites are primarily known for the rants that people unload given that the format of these sites are that people are encouraged to post long blocks of text and the people who resonate with the content can amplify the post’s reach. His traits that would make him use these platforms are arrogance, a sense of entitlement, and authoritarian. A rewrite of lines 178-181 could sound like this:
“whoever has power and doesn’t use it properly is a lil b****h fr”