For this writing assignment, I intend to write a speech regarding an issue that is facing my discourse community. I’m choosing a speech over a letter as my issue doesn’t stem from a singular entity or person, rather it’s just a general problem that can be found in any field. This specific genre of speech allows me to address a general audience about my general problem, and I believe this to be more effective than the alternative, which is addressing a general audience with a specific problem that can be fixed by a specific group or entity, because the problem itself is not one specific group or entity’s fault. For the speech, I intend to give a general description of what my discourse community is, making sure not to go into depth as much and just establish my DC’s existence, and then introduce the problem and why it is a problem. This flow of thoughts helps me because I introduce something new to the audience, and then explain some problems that face this new thing. This is better than going straight into an explanation of what the problem is without explaining what my discourse community is because then my audience would have no idea what I’m talking about and I would lose their interest. Talking about my discourse community’s problem is also where I can go in-depth properly, it’s where I can explain specific problems and relate them to the main topic, and in doing so I can create a framework that supports the baseline idea that I introduced in the introductory parts. This way I don’t introduce too many details early on and reveal everything I’m gonna be talking about in the first 5 minutes. I want to create a sense of suspense and intrigue about my topic, while also maintaining the audience’s attention.