Quote1: “Whereby there is a sense of things that do not need to be said or to be spelt out in detail in either words or writing” (paragraph 29, line 1-3)

I think this quote is an extremely observational of discourse communities. I chose this quote because after reading it, I was cleared up of any ambiguity surrounding the definition of a discourse community. Every group that tends to have their own lingo or jargon associated with them, familiar to its members and alien in nature to outsiders, is almost always in fact a discourse community. For example medical jargon belongs to a a discourse community of health professionals and med students.

Quote2: “DCs can flourish in darker worlds, such as those represented by Al-Q’aida, price-fixing cabals, or industry pressure groups.” (paragraph 22, line 9-10)

I chose this quote because it depicts the raw definition of a discourse community using a really profane example. It literally shows you how a discourse community is any group with a common agenda indifferent to whether the agenda is good or bad.