When I think of core values I think of beliefs I hold close to me. All of these values have been established throughout the course of my life but still bring me a sense of determination. One of my main core values, like I’m sure it is for many others, is my immediate family. The importance of being able to support my family or make them proud constantly drives me during difficult events. Similar to family, in some instances I define them as family as well, I have intimate connections. The people around me define who I am and push me to be a better person of myself. Therefore maintaining our relationship and working on myself is driven by those around me.

These values are important to my future because they give me drive to push forward. The need to provide for my parents is fuel to continue when I find a course too difficult or work overbearing. I personally want to give my sister someone to look up to and to guide her through her college years. The need to also want to provide for myself with a better life is equally as important. The people close to me influence me to place goals and help me get the help I need to continue in the path I’m on.

Writing and communication skills are important skills for me to have because I want to go into advertising marketing. Not only that but I post about different restaurants and the food they produce. I want to be able to write with accurate words and preciseness about the food they make and the stories behind the dishes they serve. The ability to articulate sentences to better express myself is also a skill I’ve always wished to have. There is a personal goal as well as professional skill to gain from better improving my writing and communication skills.