One of my core values is perseverance. I believe perseverance is extremely important. Without perseverance, there would be less people who would achieve their dreams. Perseverance allows a person to keep on going even if they failed one or more times in the past. Perseverance also allows a person to improve on their skills.

This value would help me in reaching all of my goals. I want to be an architect and build a house for my mother. I know there will be times where I will stumble on the path to my goals and perseverance will help me continue trying. Perseverance can help me learn from my failures.

Improving my writing and communication skills will help me in getting a job as an architect. Communication skills can help me with social networking, which can allow me to have more opportunities. Communication skills are also important since there will be times when I have to work with people to get projects done. Writing skills can help me organize ideas and give people an easier time understanding those ideas.