Hello 🙂

If I could turn back in time for English class I would be more prepared to do the assignments. Beginning of the semester we had assignments related to discourse communities and we had to talk about our own discourse community. To do that you really gotta know yourself. You also have to have an experience with something. Every time I thought of something that even resembled a discourse community I didn’t like it. I had all these interests but knew no one that I shared it with.  It was frustrating to say the least. One piece of advice from me is to be ready to talk about some life experience. Go back and begin thinking from the moment you were born. For me the writing assignments were mostly my opinion except for the major assignments. Usually I had to do research for those assignments. One that helped me when I was doing unit 3. I wrote my paper based off of my citations and focused around those. This gives a structure and something to stick to when you don’t know what to do. 

As for the reading assignments. Most of them are easy to understand. If you have trouble finding time to read. Look harder for the opportunity. I for example usually read the reading assignments on the train because the commute is really long. As for understanding the reading that you don’t understand, just read it over and over again until you eventually do understand.