Prof. Jessica Penner | D463 | Spring 2022

Roland Guevara, Final Reflection, 1st Draft

Throughout this semester, I have learned that it’s easier to do assignments when there is genuine interest in the topic. The same for reading, it’s overall more easy to do the work because you’re enjoying it rather than feeling like it is forced. As a writer, I now know more overall when it comes to doing annotated bibliographies overall. As a reader, I believe I now know what to look for in a article or piece, I know how to narrow down what I need for the task at hand. A big benefit of this class is getting that introduction to the library. I learned how to search using the library’s database and how to narrow down topics that I need. I think having us actually search for articles then and there helped us because it forced us to become accustomed with the website. It was also the first time I went inside the library at City Tech, if I did get shown where it is, I probably would not have ever gone in. I think that the hardest thing to do this semester was to actually get the work done, I would say over 70% of the assignments, I had done last minute. Some without any preparation. Overall though, I think that my work early in the semester is not as good as my work later in the semester. I think this because for the 2nd and 3rd Unit projects, the topics were ones that I genuinely was interested in. The first unit project, we had the freedom to choose a discourse community that we were a part of, but we were still limited to a discourse community. I think that for that reason. I didn’t end up enjoying the topic I chose and I also felt like I was forcing myself to write. Whereas the 2nd and 3rd projects, I wanted to write more. To the students taking this class next semester, I would tell them to make sure you plan ahead and to do the work as soon as you can, just so you can get them out of the way and not have to worry about it alter. Doing the projects last minute is not a good idea. Going into this class, I did not know what to expect going into this class. I had just transferred to City Tech and I had just registered for classes about a week before classes started. I am happy I was in this class, I enjoyed most, if not everything. Something that I think was a big help this semester was being given class time to work on assignments. The reason for this is because there are no distractions. I do not have a computer to watch videos on, I just have pencil and paper, and maybe some music. This combination is perfect for getting  work done. I think that has helped me a lot because even if I end up submitting it at the last minute, I already had written/started it in class. It’s not as stressful as doing it last minute with nothing planned. Comparing this class to eng101, I think that this was definitely more interesting. Maybe it is because this class was in person, and eng101 was not. But I think that even then, this class would have been more fun online as well.

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  1. Sateen Rambharose

    1) What I enjoyed most about this reflection was you explained the assignments that were assigned, and how you felt the library was a big benefit to you. Also, I agree with you when you said it’s easier to do assignments when you have genuine interest in the topic. 2) One thing that I learned about you as a reader was you know now what to look for in an article, and what you need to narrow down. Also, as a writer you gained more knowledge on annotated bibliographies. 3) During this semester you were allowed to get more work done since we were able to start it in class even though you still turned it in late, you were still given a head start which made a huge difference, you weren’t distracted as easily as you would’ve been if you were at home. 4) Some skills would be planning ahead, and doing the work as soon as possible which would help in other classes especially in the ones that you have to write essays in. 5) I don’t have any suggestions, all the questions were answered and everything was explained thoroughly.

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