Prof. Jessica Penner | D463 | Spring 2022

Allen Luo – Final relfection, 1st draft

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  1. Ahmed shah

    1. I enjoyed that he really expressed how thought on the class and the 3 projects that were assigned. He didn’t just say what he liked or disliked about them, he explained his thoughts as well and that’s what I really enjoyed reading.
    2. He learned that he does not like writing annotated bibliographies.
    3. The writers vocabulary became better so it enabled him to write better and made it easier for him to read.
    4. He doesn’t say how he will use his skills he learned in college in the future.
    5. To be honest his reflection contains everything needed. He can add more about what he liked and didn’t like about all the projects he did in this course but other than that he has everything.

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