Prof. Jessica Penner | D463 | Spring 2022

Ahmed Shah- Final Reflection

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  1. Allen Luo

    I really enjoyed the part where he mentions the quotes in the beginning of the class. This was something that I overlooked but was very use to seeing every day. I really enjoyed those quotes and how they force you to think outside the box and i had forgotten about it until he mentioned it.

    I think Ahmed really discovered his interests and motivations for writing throughout this semester. A lot of the assignments did have us research our interests and expand on them. It really shows in his final reflection that he had grown as a writer and person.

    I think he has grown as a writer and will use everything he’s learned in this course as a foundation to guide him in his future studies.

    I would suggest that Ahmed expand on his growth as a writer due to this course and talk about specific instances where he felt growth and improvement as a writer. His final reflection was really vague despite bringing up specific instances about what he enjoyed about the class. I think it would be good to tie in those specific interests to how it helped him grow and become a better writer. Also expand on how he will use what he learned in this class in the future.

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