Prof. Jessica Penner | D463 | Spring 2022

Allen Luo – U3 Decisions

For this assignment, I will be making a brochure that raises awareness about the healthcare inequalities that happen in America. I feel that a brochure will reach the intended audience of my project, which are people who are financially burdened from healthcare costs. I aim to also try and provide resources to help these people. I feel that a brochure is really the best genre because it shows the healthcare disparities in multiple diverse communities and highlights how our system is severely broken. A brochure is also visual and quick, which gets the message across without forcing someone to commit. You also see brochures a lot in medical offices.

The written portion of this assignment will be an artist statement. I want people to understand my reasoning for doing what I do and why I did it. Having an artist statement attached shows my audience that this is something I genuinely care about and am actively trying to help.

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  1. Allen Luo

    At this point, I know it’s a late assignment. I guess things are going horribly wrong. This week my entire family had gotten COVID-19 besides myself and my daughter. When I’m at school my parents usually help babysit my daughter, but they were both compromised from the virus. I didn’t want to be in a position where I had to choose between education and family, but sadly I did. I chose family, and would do so again without thought.

    That being said, I am extremely behind this unit assignment, but I am optimistic that things can still be done to earn a good grade. I feel that this project was a good assignment but due to outside circumstances I was greatly hindered creatively and time management wise.

    That being said I will still try to get everything done and turned in.

    TLDR: COVID ruins everything, I am down but not out.

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