Prof. Jessica Penner | D463 | Spring 2022

Behlul Vardal, U3 Decisions

The decision on the genre is a presentation in a video animation. It will be shared online because that has the best reach for a video. Plus that is the best place to share for people who are technology enthusiasts. It will be about What the effects of immoral business practices in tech companies are. 

For this project I will use:

Adobe software –

  • Illustrator (for making character, and scenes)
  • After effects (for animating the things built in illustrator) 

Other stuff:

  • Knowledge of illustrator 
  • Knowledge of after effects
  • Knowledge of how to write scripts 
  • Knowledge of voice acting 
  • Access to a microphone for sounds
  • A really really good willpower (like strength: 100)
  • A computer to do use the software
  • A document editor

The written component which will be mainly a script. Which is what the character is saying in the animation. I will also have quotes visually as well. 

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  1. Behlul


    So far I hit a roadblock :\

    More specifically a writer’s block. When I made a new document and tried to write a script I just went off the rails and talked about unnecessary things and it wasn’t even organized. So then I went back on my notes/plan that I wrote down this morning and saw I already kind of had a structure. Instead of writing in a document I decided I should write on the notepad I had already started on and later I can just type it out. For some reason starting out is my biggest problem. I can always keep going but I have trouble starting. Something up with my will power, maybe I’m not getting enough sleep. So far I wrote 3 pages of writing that isn’t really dialogue but can be. One thing to note when I started to write on the notepad this time I decided to go off of my U2 annotated bibliography citations. I thought I do need to introduce quotes and sources and the citations itself is already a layout. I need to finish the writing first so I can start the visuals after. I have no idea how well my visuals will go since I have never done animations before. I do have some background basic knowledge on graphic design but I have never animated before. However I am strategically planning out how I do the animations so I don’t get overwhelmed and try to do something in a week that is meant to be done in a month. That’s why my character is presenting and I would mainly animate the face. However I did just notice that since I want my writing to be informative it’s really long. I think I need to make my writing shorter so it doesn’t become a 30 minute video. I can definitely not animate that in this time frame and it also wouldn’t be much engaging. I am still confident that I can meet the time frame but I must start the visual development part soon if I want to submit it by Monday. I know I can be done with the written part by today or tomorrow since every point I want to make is already cited. I am excited that I finally will be animating because I have wanted to for some time now. This is an opportunity where I can.

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