Writing the annotated bibliography was extremely difficult in the beginning because I had no idea what it was. I actually understood what it was towards the end of the project. It’s basically a citation with extra steps. I put way too much worry than I should have. The whole time I was expecting to write an essay type assignment. The research in the beginning wasn’t going well because of how I worded my search. However at the time of searching I thought it was my topic/research question that it was too narrow. I wrote a lot of thoughts and points down during this time but that would be only useful for an essay type assignment. However I did use my points to an advantage. Instead of searching about my question I searched about the points I wanted to make because I already knew all of the facts, I just needed to prove it. 

For Unit 3: Multimodal project I am planning on making a video. I was thinking about making an animation with after effects and doing a voice over but I am not sure if I have enough skill in after effects. I do know that it’s going to be informational and will definitely be persuasive.