Before class on Monday, April 11, students will…

  • Read my Announcement.
  • If you haven’t emailed me the “ENG1121 Self Review of Annotated Bibliography” and the copy of your self-reviewed Annotated Bibliography by class time on Monday, you’ll lose those 50 points! (Check the Week 10 Agenda for details.)
  • Continue working on the U2 Annotated Bibliography, which is due by 11:59 PM on Monday, April 11.
  • Instructions on how to submit your Annotated Bibliography are below. Follow these directions EXACTLY! I will not evaluate an assignment that isn’t submitted correctly.
    • Note: There’s a few places where the slides show U1 but you should post and write U2!

During class, we will…

Reflect on the U2 Project

  • Discuss and then take time to write a Post titled Full Name, U2 Project Reflection. Save it under U2 Work. Make sure your post includes the following:
    • A short reflection (approx. 150-200 words) on the research process and what you learned. In your reflection, consider the following questions:
      • What did you find difficult about doing this type of research?
      • What surprised you?
      • What did you learn that you can take to future classes?
    • This must be posted by class time on Wednesday, April 13.

Introduce Unit 3: Multimodal Project

After class, students will… 


  • Review student samples of the Multimodal Project and respond to the Discussion Question “Student Samples–Multimodal Projects.”
    • What do you notice and what appeals to you about these projects? There are no right answers! Just hit “reply” and write a few sentences expressing what caught your eye about these pieces.
  • Write a Post titled Full Name, U3 Preparation and save it under U3 Work that includes the following:
    • Write a paragraph further reflecting and expanding on what you said in the conclusion of your Annotated Bibliography Project.
      • Name the discourse community with which you will share your research. For what purpose? Are you trying to inform, persuade, or motivate them to act in some way? Or is there another purpose you have in mind? What would be the best multimodal genre for reaching your community and why?
    • Look for two examples of the multimodal genre that you are going to compose in for Unit 3. For example, you could find a podcast or TEDTalk. Include links to your examples in your postRemember: your examples do not have to match your topic in terms of content. You are looking at the genre.
    • Publish this post by class time on Wednesday, April 13.
  • Submit your U2 Annotated Bibliography by 11:59 PM on Monday, April 11! The instructions for how to post this assignment are above.

During class on Wednesday, April 13, we will…



Looking at Multimodal Texts and Analyzing Samples

  • Discuss “College Students and Social Media”: What do you find compelling about this multimodal piece? Why?
  • Discuss “Love in Black Lives”: How does Correal’s use of photographs help her to tell the story and what effect do the images have on you? Explain any reactions you have to the “multi-modal” aspect of this piece.

After class, students will…

  • Look at the sample multimodal genres that you have found and posted (Full Name, U3 Preparation), and take notes on the following (these notes are for you, not for posting):
    • What are the elements and features of the multimodal genre in which you will be composing? Some things to consider are the typical length, tone, and format. Also, think about how this genre is organized and how an audience typically responds.
  • Although next week is Spring Break, DO NOT forget about this class and the assignment for U3!
    • By class time on Monday, April 25, you need to decide on the genre you’ll be using, the audience to whom you’ll be communicating, and be ready to work on this project!
      • The first draft has to be ready for review by Wednesday, April 27, so yeah, you need to think and plan ahead!