Julie Collins and Emily Swoveland 2020- “”


In the article, Julie discusses gun violence. More specifically the impact of it on the people around them. For example, in the eleventh paragraph, “the consequences of exposure to violence on child development are very real. CWLA’s National Blueprint points out that children and youth exposed to chronic trauma can experience inhibited brain development, producing a lasting impact on life outcomes.” This proves that when people mainly children are exposed to gun violence it has negative effects on the child she elaborates on this point in paragraph 2. “Garbarino and his colleagues pointed out that “children exposed to gun violence may experience negative short and long-term psychological effects, including anger, withdrawal, posttraumatic stress, and desensitization to violence”. This further emphasizes her point that kids exposed to gun violence have deleterious effects on their future.


I agree with all her points stated. Personally, I was exposed to gun violence on a moving train and I can say it has changed the way I feel when I’m outside. When on the train I do a full scan of everyone on the train to make sure no one suspicious is around and even then Im still on high alert in case something happens. If I can ask the author something I would ask her has she had been a witness to gun violence and if so what effects did it have on her.


“Mental illness continues to be stigmatized, and public hesitancy to discuss the matter is detrimental to children and youth who are impacted by mental health problems” This quote surprised me because it’s 2022 and some people still don’t take mental health as seriously as they should. Especially with a topic like gun violence when kids are exposed to these things it can dangerously affect them in more ways than people think. Kids are the embodiment of pure innocence and to hear some of them are traumatized or just aren’t getting the help they need due to mental health not being taken seriously is heart-wrenching to hear.