Before class on Monday, March 7, students will…

  • Read my Announcement.
  • Post your first draft of your letter or speech. Title it Full Name, Unit 1 Writing Assignment (1st Draft) and save it under U1 Work.
  • Instructions on how to post this draft can be found on the Course Profile.
    • Even if your draft isn’t complete, post it! We’ll be peer reviewing the drafts in class, which will help you know what needs to be improved upon and what’s working in your letter or speech!
    • This is also how you’ll earn those 50 points for the U1 Writing Assignment!
    • If you need to review the “quote sandwich” or how to include any information on citing sources in MLA, go here:
This is an example of how the letter should be formatted. Even though there are only three paragraphs in this example, your letter needs to be longer! 1,000 words, to be exact!
This is an example of how the speech should be formatted. Even though there are only three paragraphs in this example, your speech needs to be longer! 1,000 words, to be exact!

During and after class, we will…

  • Be sure to have your correctly formatted draft ready to share with your peer(s)!
  • You will email the URL of your U1 Writing Assignment to your peer(s) at the beginning of class.
    • DO NOT be late! If you come more than 10 minutes after class begins, you will not be given a peer to work with. You will need to find a friend or relative who will review your assignment.
  • Once you’ve been assigned a peer, go to the Course Profile and download the “ENG1121 Peer Review Worksheet for Unit 1.”
  • You must complete the guide and email it to your peer(s) and me by the end of class.
  • When you are finished, review your peer’s comments and revise the speech or letter accordingly.
    • If you have questions, feel free to come to an office hour to discuss your U1 assignment!

Before class on Wednesday, March 9, students will…

During class, we will:

  • Debrief about the U1 assignment.
    • What worked?
    • What didn’t?
    • What would you do differently, if you had the chance?
  • Begin to discuss WRITING for Unit 2:
  • We will define “social justice” and examples of this term. (Reading the student samples will help!)
  • During class, we will respond to the following prompts:
    • Think about the words used to identify this assignment (“annotated” and “bibliography”), and what those words mean to you.
    • If you did an annotated bibliography in a previous class (such as English 1101), briefly mention your experience with the assignment.
    • As you look through the guidelines, write down questions you have about this project.
  • During class, we will discuss the student samples on the Course Profile:
    • Read the student samples again. Notice the formatting and technical elements. What makes the pieces look finished and professional? What might need improvement?
    • What does this tell you about the work you’ll need to be doing over the next few weeks?

After class, students will:

  • Submit your U1 Writing Assignment to OpenLab. Directions on where and how to post your letter or speech can be found in the Course Profile.
    • Create a NEW post titled Full Name, U1 Writing Assignment (Final Draft) and save it under U1 Work.
    • If I don’t see the title Full Name, U1 Writing Assignment (Final Draft), I won’t evaluate it and you’ll earn a 0 for this assignment!
    • Submit this assignment by 11:59PM on Wednesday, March 9. This is a hard deadline!
  • Write a Post that includes the following:
    • A short paragraph (approx. 150-200 words) to me explaining your thoughts on writing in the genre you chose. Answer the following prompts:
      • Did you find it easier to express your thoughts through a letter or speech writing a traditional academic essay? Why or why not?
      • Reflect on how the pieces we reviewed by A.O.C., Young, Douglass, and Wollstonecraft helped you create your piece.
      • Reflect on what you’ve learned about yourself as a writer during this project. Respond to any (or all) of the following questions: What didn’t you know at the beginning that you know now? Has anything surprised you? If so, what is it? How do you see using the skills you’ve developed in other classes or your chosen field?
  • Title the post Full Name, Reflection on Unit 1 and save it under the category Unit 1 Work.
  • This post is due by class time on Monday, March 14.
  • DON’T dismiss this assignment! At the end of the semester, you’re going to need to write a reflection on the writing process as a whole–this will be a helpful snapshot to refer back to in May!