A core value of mine is love. Not in the romantic way but more in more of a platonic way with everyone I meet. I try show at least some from of care or respect to anyone I meet as I do not know what the person has gone through or what they have done and meeting everyone with open arms helps me to truly get to know people as a persons mood as being open with them can allow me to understand how they normally think and ignore other biases they have before. I also show love to my friends and family every time I can because they should feel valued as I value them in my mind. Some of the greatest pains I have felt in my early life were having someone not know how much you cherish them and that their thoughts can bubble in their mind until it boils over into feeling unappreciated. Showing love has given me many chances to meet great people who at first sight would have not been someone you think we act that way because of the mood they were in.