One of the core values is friendship and it is really important for me because friends are a really big part of my life. They really helped me to be the person I am right now. They helped me to become a better person and helped me in times when I was in need of help. The importance of this value says about me that without my friends I don’t think I would be the person I am right now. I really care about my friends and I care for them as much as they care about me. 

Well, it somewhat relates to my goals because I had a goal to make more friends in college so that my journey in college can become a little bit easier just like how my journey in high school became easier with friends. My other goal is to be a helping hand for others, especially my friends. I really like to help others when they need it so my goal is to help as many people as possible, not only friends but others as well. 

Improving my writing and communication skills will really help me to achieve these goals. Communication is a really big factor when it comes to making friends and if you don’t know how to communicate then you are pretty much screwed. So by improving my communication skills it will enable me to make more friends. By improving my writing, I can help more people because I will be good at writing. If someone needs help with an essay or to help them make their writing better, I can help them with it.