One thing I value over everything else in my life is being happy. No matter what I’m doing or plan on doing my goal at the end of the day is for me to be happy. When making decisions my mind will go for the option that makes me happier. In time especially during a pandemic, there are many things to be upset about or dislike about the world. However, I focus on the positive attributes of life and do things that will put me in a positive mood. One of the many constants that have been in my life forever and will always be part of my life forever is music. When I put in my headphones turn up the volume and press play everything around me doesn’t matter. I tune out everything around me and for a few minutes, I can escape from reality and be absorbed in the lyrics and beat.

My happiness is a core component to achieving my goals for the future. I hold my happiness as the biggest priority and whatever I end up doing in the future is something that will bring me joy.

Improving my writing and communication skills will help me achieve these goals because writing is something I do in my spare time to express myself. Poetry is one way I do this if I’m feeling sad or upset I will write on my phone or preferably my notebook and use it as my personal outlet. I don’t see myself on the level of Langston Hughes at all since this is very personal to me and there’s no pressure to do good. On the contrary, I would love to improve my writing so I can use better figurative language in my poems.