Paragraph 1: Define one of your core values. What does the importance of this value in your life say about you?

I feel that most of my adult life has been driven by core values. These core values have been driven by multiple factors to include my culture, upbringing, and career. What I consider to be one of the most important core values is community service. I truly believe that if you are able to help and benefit a community, it is an obligation to do so. I think you owe a responsibility to others that are less fortunate and unable to help themselves. I can’t imagine the feeling of struggling without hope, and If I could, I would make sure others don’t feel that same way either. I am not sure what this value will say about me, but I hope that this is a common virtue amongst my peers, friends, and family.

Paragraph 2: How does this value relate to your goals for the future?

This value has been deeply ingrained since I was a child. It means even more now that I am an aspiring Nurse and current Nursing major at City Tech. This core value is essential to possess for all healthcare workers in my opinion. Although this may be naive, I would like to think my cohort feels as strongly as I do about serving a community and offering aid to those who need it.

Paragraph 3: How will improving your writing and communication skills help you achieve these goals?

Communication is a skill that carries vital importance. This doesn’t just apply to school or occupation, but in all facets of life. In Nursing, being able to communicate to those that are culturally different or in distress is part of the job. Communication skills might help you calm a patient down, lessen worries for families and patients, or even change moods.