One of my core values that I live by everyday is treating other people the same way I would want to be treated, the main reason that this is a huge thing for me is from as far long as I can remember from I was treated like I lived below certain people for a long time which created a depressing environment around me and it wasn’t until the time that I realized how I was being treated and it was wrong only than I was able to removed myself from that environment and reflect back at it and only made me realize that the experiences I have faced no one else should have to face it, therefore I started being even more polite and treating people better regardless of how I was getting treated.

These values relate to my goals for the future since I believe that if you tend to help others without the expectation of getting anything else in return God will bring that good back 10 fold a way of what goes around comes around.

Improving my writing and communications skills will help me further my goal since sometimes in my writing I can come off as rude when that was not my intention at all and by being a better writer I believe I can correct those ways and become even better at expressing my feelings and thoughts to others.